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Going Beyond Business

20 Jun 2017

“Digital transformation has become the new normal.” Indeed, the world has entered an era where digitalization has taken over products and processes. And it’s not going to stop any time soon. In fact, digital paradigms take place in everyday life—from the reshaping of social interactions through devices, the mobilization of finances, the surge of virtual reality, cloud computing, and app development, to the establishment of new digital-native businesses.

Undoubtedly, digitalization has made it easier for customers to gain buying power and trickier for companies to keep up with emerging trends. The customer journey is placed in a constant state of reinvention, where businesses are left with the decision to either follow the technological track or risk losing relevance by staying the same. “Successful digital transformation is not the result merely of implementing new technologies, but also of transforming enterprise processes to reap increased profit margins and to seize the possibilities for innovation that those process changes make possible.” However, there’s an important question to consider: Is there something more to the customer-business relationship than just buying, selling, and innovating?

Digital transformation is just the tip of the iceberg for becoming a successful enterprise. Technology, in and of itself, is just a tool—a means to an end. If not maximized to create meaningful experiences, technology can only go so far as to catch attention but gain inconsequential results for a business. At the end of the day, passion, purpose, and people will always be at the core of business operations, whether it’s in the process of product development, service delivery, talent management, or client interaction. Thus, the customer-business relationship shouldn’t simply stop at innovation. The answer to enterprise success is service and the actual societal impact behind every digital transformation.

At Globe Business, passion and purpose motivate us to do better not only as a full-service ICT provider, but also as a trusted advisor for local and global enterprises. We share a passion for our clients' business endeavors and treat their businesses as our own, providing them with tailor-fit, purposeful business solutions that enable their companies to succeed and create an impact. Take our initiative in the IT-BPM industry, for instance. Through our participation in the IBPAP Roadmap 2022, we are able to advocate deeper reforms to guide, support, and foster a competitive business environment that encourages both local and global companies to make the country a top IT-BPM destination.

As the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, we partner with enterprises on their journey towards digital transformation by providing them with mobile, wireline, broadband, data connections, internet, managed services, IT-enabled services, and cloud computing tools, making sure that they have seamless access to data whenever and wherever they need it. However, it’s not just about making a mark through technological innovations. We also see to it that we’re doing our part in lessening our carbon footprint through initiatives such as Project 1 Phone. By establishing a recent partnership with UnionBank and Nestlé Philippines, we aim to attract more businesses to conduct responsible e-waste recycling and recovery within their organizations.

With the solutions mentioned above, we hope to be of service not only to the country’s biggest enterprises, but also to the nation as a whole. In fact, we’re already on the path towards local digital transformation with the help of Local Government Units. Through e-governance—the integration of ICT and governance—we will be able to improve the delivery of government services and exchange of information. It has always been our vision and mission to create a digitally-enabled Philippines where businesses flourish, the nation is admired, and people are empowered to make choices, overcome challenges, and enjoy life to the fullest.

We go beyond, and create a business of possibilities.




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