Globe Business provides transformative insights to decision-makers across industries. As your trusted business advisor, we can equip you with our technological and infrastructural expertise to take you to the forefront of innovation and catapult your business towards immeasurable possibilities.


Globe shares your passion for helping learners and educators stay ahead of the curve. Together, let us lead the way to a wonderful future through personalized and digital education solutions for gaining knowledge wherever, whenever.


Integrated Learning Solution

Engage your students within and beyond the four walls of the classroom. Create course content that addresses the unique needs of every student with BrightspaceTM.

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School Management Solution

Enhance productivity by keeping things in order. With Educube, you can handle all administrative processes with ease and efficiency. Watch video

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eBook Solution

Explore the world of learning at your fingertips through Flipside. Digitize academic books, keep them safe in devices, and access the library anytime, anywhere. Watch video

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Empower your workforce

Equip your faculty with cost-efficient tools for creatively teaching students and monitoring their learning progress within and outside the school premises.

Get connected

Provide your school with a reliable and seamless connection that serves as the core enabler of your digital learning.

Monitor assets

Monitor your accredited school buses to ensure the safety of the students while on the road, to and from the school.

Ensure business continuity

Safeguard your critical school records from natural and man-made calamities.

Collaborate real-time

Enable teacher-student mentoring that enhances student learning and promote knowledge-sharing wherever, whenever.

Access data-on-demand

Encourage timely submissions by empowering your faculty, students, and staff to access school data anytime, anywhere.

Improve payroll efficiency

Outsource your payroll management system, so you can focus more on value-adding activities.