Globe shares your passion for helping learners and educators stay ahead of the curve. Together, let us lead the way to a wonderful future through personalized and digital education solutions for gaining knowledge wherever, whenever.


Go beyond textbooks with a personalized approach. Boost student participation and interaction with readily available sources of knowledge.

Globe Business Brightspace

Encourage students to go beyond memorization and boost their learning through interaction, critical thinking, and a readily available source of knowledge. BrightspaceTM is an integrated learning platform that seamlessly connects digital content, learning analytics, mobile and collaboration tools, adaptive learning with an ecosystem of applications, and resources and services.

Through creativity, collaboration, and community, we can transform the way the world learns.


Beyond Course Management Globe Be equipped with everything you need to design, develop, and deliver quality courses. Create and manage class lists and seating charts and customize student learning paths.
Communication and Collaboration Globe Promote social learning, provide tools for group collaboration, and share evidence of learning outcomes. Integrate synchronously emails, calendars, blogs, notifications, social media, and Google applications.
Measurement and Assessment Globe Evaluate outcomes effectively, and perform diagnostic and formative assessments to predict, adapt, and intervene in every learner's journey using real-time analytics and actionable insights.
Mobile Web and Applications Globe Check and grade digital assignments offline from the convenience of a tablet or mobile device. Your learners are able to organize, manage, and use content using BinderTM on their preferred device.

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