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Globe shares your passion for providing quality healthcare, taking your business to success through cutting-edge solutions that keep your finger on the pulse of health and wellness.

Empower your workforce

Equip your healthcare specialists and administrators with tools and solutions that improve employee satisfaction and productivity, enabling them to support their patients more efficiently.

Get connected

Depend on our fast and reliable connection and protect patient data and healthcare information systems with a secure and private network.

Monitor assets

Get real-time awareness of your fleet operations including vehicle condition, location, and driving behaviors to ensure the safety of patients and medical paraphernalia. Streamline your fleet operations to better manage delivery routes and schedules.

Ensure business continuity

Protect and secure patient information from ransomware or malware attacks and ensure that routine operations will not be affected during calamities and disasters.

Collaborate real-time

Provide seamless and coordinated patient care by connecting doctors and other healthcare providers, administrators, and even patients in a more personal and cost-effective manner.

Access data-on-demand

Empower your team to provide, integrate, share, and gain access to a more accurate, robust and real-time medical data—anytime, anywhere.

Improve payroll efficiency

Allow us to help you with the administrative responsibilities of handling payroll and compensation so that your team can focus on giving the best patient care to your clients.