Globe Business provides transformative insights to decision-makers across industries. As your trusted business advisor, we can equip you with our technological and infrastructural expertise to take you to the forefront of innovation and catapult your business towards immeasurable possibilities.



Globe shares your passion for your clients and their customers from different industries whose services vary in scope and degree. We will help you deliver at optimum levels by equipping you with tools for higher employee productivity.


IT-BPO Solutions

The biggest driver of the Philippine economy, IT-BPO provides employment to almost 1.5 million people and brings in a total income of over USD 20 billion a year. With Globe Business, you can fulfill your clients' needs more effectively and continue helping the nation's economy grow even further.

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Overview of the IT-BPO Industry

IT-BPO plays a major role in the economic development of the Philippines. With an average growth of 15%, it is one of the most dynamic industries in the country.

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Empower your workforce

Equip your executives, functional managers, or team leads with the right tools that enable them to carry out tasks, access data, and keep in touch with clients and their team anytime, anywhere.

Get connected

Cater to your local and international customers and employees through our reliable and cost-efficient connectivity and voice solutions.

Ensure business continuity

Be always ON to carry out tasks and continue your operations in times of calamities by securing your IT assets.

Collaborate real-time

Conduct strategic and crucial decisions and remote trainings without having to physically organize collaborative events that take up time, effort, and finances.

Access data-on-demand

Be confident that your employees can access data to meet deadlines and SLAs wherever, whenever.

Improve payroll efficiency

Let us help you on your payroll management so you can focus more on value-adding activities.