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Globe SD-WAN Technology Enhances Manufacturing Industry’s Competitive Edge

06 Apr 2018

Globe SD-WAN Technology Enhances Manufacturing Industry’s Competitive Edge

Globe Telecom is helping the country’s manufacturing industry enhance their day-to-day business operations and minimize revenue losses through its latest cutting-edge technology called Globe Software Defined-Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

As manufacturers transform their operations by applying technological innovations, some challenges arise due to a number of factors such as rising number of users, locations, and applications, and adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology. These complexities often lead to unexpected IT outages that disrupt operations, delay productions, and incur revenue losses.

According to internal insighting, 48% of manufacturers have experienced unplanned downtime in their critical applications last year, resulting in a 20% revenue loss.

Globe Business, the enterprise information and communications technology (ICT) arm of Globe Telecom, is offering solutions to address these problems through SD-WAN which simplifies the way enterprises and growing businesses manage and expand their corporate network. SD-WAN utilizes a plug-and-play device leveraging on cloud-based technology that can be easily installed and configured as long as there is fixed broadband connectivity.

“At Globe Business, we believe the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it. Globe SD-WAN understands the intricacies of IT applications, and we deliver the business solutions that will enable manufacturers to cope with the challenges of maintaining connectivity of their operations all the time,” says Peter Maquera, Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group.

For instance, with the help of SD-WAN technology, the company’s IT personnel will be able to pinpoint non-mission critical activities such as video conference calls and live video streaming, which are consuming most of the corporate bandwidth.

Likewise, through SD-WAN, IT personnel can reroute these non-mission critical applications traffic to the company’s broadband network to avoid overutilization of the corporate data network.

Reducing data consumption of non-mission critical activities using SD-WAN will help free up the corporate network’s bandwidth, ensuring that all operations at the manufacturing company, such as purchasing stocks, processing raw materials into finished products, and packaging and delivery of these products, will run smoothly.

“Globe SD-WAN understands how to orchestrate and maximize business application performance to ensure business continuity. When applied to the manufacturing industry, this will help enhance their competitive edge in the local and global markets, expand their market share abroad, generate more employment, and contribute to the expansion of the economy,” adds Maquera.

Globe Business introduced SD-WAN technology in the Philippines in February this year. It is the latest in a series of innovative and game-changing solutions that will allow business enterprises to maximize the utilization of their corporate data network.

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