Respond quickly in today’s dynamic business environment with a range of wireless platforms that can store, analyze, and calculate data. Match the elasticity of the business climate and increase your business agility with our Cloud Solutions.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Stay ahead of the competition by availing of the next-generation platform for computing that is highly scalable, has on-demand computing services that are available within minutes/hours, and carries no requirement for long-term commitment.

Globe Business Infrastructure as a Service

Benefit from an in-country cloud

Avoid complexities by having your data within the Philippines. Having your data in cloud infrastructures based in various countries can potentially pose challenges as each country’s law, policies, and treatment toward your data may vary.


Increase Information Technology (IT) and business agility

Respond rapidly to your resource requirements and accelerate your response time to cater to your customers’ needs. Rolling out new applications, for example.


Enable innovation

Make an explosion of innovation possible through transforming how you offer technology to your customers and relying on a service that reduces the cost of failure.


Simplify IT operations

Take a huge amount of work off the IT plate by allowing Globe to take responsibility for much of the traditional IT Infrastructure: data centers, power, network, and physical servers. Strengthen your business further by focusing on the truly important part of IT: applications.


Enjoy cost efficiency

Generate cost savings through availing of a product that is significantly more cost-effective than the traditional mode of obtaining IT resources.

Launch private cloud resources on a multi-tenant but logically isolated section, and acquire processing power without the high cost of purchasing dedicated servers with our Virtual Private Cloud.


Enjoy scalability

Pay only for what you need through scaling your requirements. Load with your choice of Operating System (OS) and applications, and have the ability to increase or decrease variables such as number of Virtual Central Processing Unit (vCPU), Video Random Access Memory (vRAM), storage, and others.


Define your own virtual network

Take control and have the ability to select Internet Protocol (IP) Address range, create subnets, and configure route tables and network gateways.


Ensure security and reliability

Have peace of mind that your data is secure with a fully private networking and resource pool. Rely on a service that has a carrier class back-end.

Reduce the complexity of cloud computing by leveraging pre-configured and fully tested components to build your private cloud with our Dedicated Private Cloud. Ensure maximum security, reliability, and regulatory compliance as our Dedicated Private Cloud is situated within Globe’s data center.


Secure your data

Comply with the stringent requirements with a single tenant environment with fully dedicated resources, giving you the security that a public cloud cannot provide. Take advantage of all cloud benefits while maintaining physical resources separation.

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