Respond quickly in today’s dynamic business environment with a range of wireless platforms that can store, analyze, and calculate data. Match the elasticity of the business climate and increase your business agility with our Cloud Solutions.

G Suite

Help your employees work better together with secure and reliable workplace tools for email, calendar, text and video chat, document creation, project websites, and online storage and sync.

G Suite

Increase productivity

  • Communicate faster and more conveniently with Gmail. It provides storage for up to 30GB of email per user, advanced spam filtering, lightning-fast message search, integrated text, voice and multi-person video chat, and other productivity enhancements such as Priority Inbox.
  • Arrange meetings and organize your schedules easily with Google Calendar.
  • Experience hassle-free file management with Google Drive that allows file storing and sharing, and being able to access the most recent version of your work from anywhere, on any device.
  • Get things done faster with Google Docs that brings real-time collaboration to your documents and allows social commenting for faster exchange of feedback.
  • Crunch numbers more efficiently with Google Sheets that lets you share lists, manage project, analyze data, and track results together with the whole team at the same time.
  • Make beautiful presentations together with Google Slides that supports embedded videos, animations, and dynamic slide transitions.
  • Optimize your sites with Google Sites that enables you to create and share project website and intranet pages without any programming skills or technical support.
  • Connect the right people, ideas, and information with Google+ that brings social sharing to G Suite.
  • Manage business critical information and be prepared for the unexpected such as a lawsuit or employee departure with Google Vault, a retention, archiving, and eDiscovery tool.

Enjoy cost efficiency

Reduce Information Technology (IT) cost by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain servers, and enjoying data migration capabilities for all common legacy systems without incurring additional expenses.

Benefit from continuous innovation and extensibility

Make your employees more efficient as Google continuously adds functionality to G Suite without the need for system updates, patches, or downtime. Choose from hundreds of third-party applications available from the G Suite Marketplace with capabilities such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project management, accounting and finance, and sales and marketing tools.

Ensure security and reliability

Keep your most important corporate data safe with a network of data that is engineered for security, reliability, and redundancy, and backed by some of the world’s leading experts in information security.

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