Maintain your competitive advantage by staying connected. Globe Business Data and IP services are built on stable and established technologies to connect offices locally and globally.

Country-Wide and Global Connectivity Solutions

We understand that fast and resilient connection is an integral part of your enterprise's success. That's why we offer country-wide and global connectivity solutions to keep your enterprise up to speed, even as market demands evolve and competition intensifies. 

ASC Reference Number: G149P120216G

With your passion and our technology, let us create boundless opportunities to keep your business connected and ahead of the game. Experience services that reliably connect you locally and internationally:

Let your business’ network run smoothly with a Fiber Optic Backbone Network (FOBN) transmission and a bandwidth supported by Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexing (ROADM) and 100 GB optical links. Your continuous connectivity is ensured with landing stations and cell sites well-distributed across the Philippines.

Achieve borderless communication and conveniently access information with IP peers, internet exchange points, and content providers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and the U.S.A.

Reach beyond borders with multiple private connectivity or concentrated point-to-point connection for both domestic and international use. Our IPV-6 ready network enables you to access both IPV-4 and IPV-6 websites, strengthening your web presence.

Imagine a problem-free network connection. We’ll take care of your connectivity, so that you can deliver the best output for your company.

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