Maintain your competitive advantage by staying connected. Globe Business Data and IP services are built on stable and established technologies to connect offices locally and globally.

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Reach farther with a multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity solution that provides a virtual private LAN service thru fully meshed Layer 2 solution with scalable bandwidths from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps.



  • Supports port-based (EP-LAN) service
  • Can be delivered through pure Ethernet MAN or Ethernet via SDH
  • Supports 802.1Q VLAN and 802.1 Q-in-Q tunneling
  • MTU sizes from 1500 to 8996 bytes
  • Enables Service OAM
  • Supports port ALS


  • Multi-point connectivity
  • Supports real-time transactions and bandwidth-intensive applications
  • High capacity as it has High-Bandwidth Connectivity
  • A Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified Carrier Grade Ethernet service provider, Globe provides the most precise service level specifications and global interoperability standards

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