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Direct Internet

Bundled with IP addresses and value added services, Globe’s Direct Internet Solution utilizes leased-line technology to deliver high-speed internet access for fixed bandwidth requirements.

Direct Internet


  • Speed ranging from 256 Kbps to 10 Gbps
  • Connected to different internet backbones
  • Bundled with IP addresses and Value Added Services (VAS)


  • Globe's extensive experience in delivering internet access services
  • Prioritization to free up bandwidth usage for critical operations
  • Scalable and can match bandwidth requirements
  • With web content filtering and secured internet services to keep unwanted traffic out of the network


  • Simplicity: Dedicated point of contact all throughout the service cycle
  • Flexibility: Multiple access point
  • Scalable: Matches bandwidth requirements
  • Security and continuity: Service calls run in a secured and maintained network

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