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Globe Business looks at the bigger picture. We know success is made up of different elements: effective products, streamlined processes, and reliable manpower. We take this precept to heart, and that is why our business solutions are a fusion of all three. As our business partner, you get the best of all these.



Take charge of your business with a reliable partner. Let us help you keep track of moving assets, monitor fixed equipment, and enhance enterprise-level security.

Control your business your way with Globe’s dedicated Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication network. Allow machines to do the work for you with our Fleet Management System, Fixed Asset Management monitoring, and Security and Surveillance.

Machine-to-Machine M2M Solutions – Globe Business

Drive your business with Fleet Management

Keep track of moving assets like delivery and service vehicles through Global Positioning System (GPS) from your laptop or mobile phone.


Monitor your equipment with Fixed Asset Management

Receive real-time alerts about your equipment's real-time temperature thresholds and power consumption.


Upgrade your Security and Surveillance

Have the power to respond to security breaches or threats as they happen. 

Gain more traction for your business with Fleet Management System. With comprehensive information, and real-time updates on your moving assets, this cost-effective solution gives you complete control of your fleet wherever you are.


Get crucial information

Monitor vehicles’ location, mileage, speed, engine status, temperature, and more using a Google Apps interface.


Improve efficiency

Minimize late deliveries and spoilage of goods through efficient route management and monitored driving behavior.


Enable geo-fencing

Set a pre-defined zone where your vehicles are allowed to move. Get alerts once your vehicle goes outside the route.


Receive SMS alerts

Get emergency alerts instantly via SMS whenever there are issues like GPS device tampering, hijacking, and/or accidents.


Be ready for emergencies

Drivers can press a panic button to immediately alert you of any emergencies during the delivery.

Monitor your equipment’s real-time temperature thresholds and power consumption with Fixed Asset Management. Plus, keep an eye on your resources and goods like perishables or temperature sensitive assets easily.


Guard temperature

Check temperature levels anywhere you are. Get a notification when offsite equipment turns off unexpectedly.


Receive alerts

Get warnings for sudden changes in temperature to sensitive equipment.


Check alerts anywhere

Get alerts via laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone whenever, wherever.

Augment your security measures with Globe’s Security and Surveillance system. Keep your business safe with motion detectors, armed door sensors, and a response protocol that will automatically activate once triggered.


Monitor movement with motion detectors

Keep track of authorized and unauthorized movement in safe rooms and other sensitive areas with motion detectors.


Supervise your safe room

Get alerts every time a safe room door is opened beyond your authorized time with Door Access.


Set an automatic response protocol

Initiate an automatic response or process based on a specific event.


Get alerts on the go

Monitor and receive alerts about security issues via laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone.

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