Further employee productivity with reimagined user engagements within and beyond the workplace. With Globe's enterprise mobility solutions, it’s easier to build and maintain your business momentum.

Enterprise Mobile Management

Gain more control over enterprise mobile devices while simultaneously maximizing workforce productivity with Globe's all-in-one device management solution.

Globe Business Enterprise Mobile Management

Keep your mobile operations intact with a central device management platform. With Globe's Enterprise Mobile Management, your corporate mobile data is protected anytime, anywhere.


Security management and compliance

  • Set policies to manage multiple devices within the organization.
  • Customize application use across the enterprise by managing prohibited and mandatory apps.
  • Delineate a clear boundary between personal and business data. Containerization secures access to business data and instant messages while maintaining device user experience.


Seamless mobility

  • View and manage all business-related devices, device attributes, and the device users and the device connectivity to the enterprise network and content.
  • Monitor in near real-time the mobile usage levels of calls, messages, and data—both for local and roaming use.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as it supports most popular models of device ownership.



  • Perform data recovery activities such as locating the device, activating device alarm, device lock, wiping on-device data completely or selectively, and backing up and restoring data.
  • Automate device provisioning, usage monitoring, device support, and policy enforcement processes. The system performs dynamic mass distribution of new and updated applications and monitors compliance to the application policies across all the devices.
  • Remotely control a device and have your IT personnel provide support as if they are holding the device themselves.

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