Create efficient lines of communication powered by our cutting-edge Next Generation Network (NGN). Address your every business need with a bevy of fully managed traditional and IP-based voice packages.

Hosted PBX

Support your operations and remain focused on your core business with the economical Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) voice solution. 

Globe Business Hosted PBX

Do away with the need to buy and run expensive equipment. Avail of a full-featured Internet Protocol (IP) Phone System that can be subscribed on a per line basis with a PBX system powered by Globe Business.


Experience hassle-free management

Eliminate the difficulty of maintaining and managing your own PBX line by availing of a fully hosted system.


Lower operating cost

Minimize your expenses by paying a monthly rent instead of a high upfront Capital Expenditure (CapEx).


Enjoy scalability and flexibility

Address your business needs exactly how you want to. The system is easily upgradeable using future IP-based applications and additional lines can be quickly deployed. Advanced telephony features can also be configured based on usage requirements.


Maximize office space

Make your office space available for business expansion as the call platform and hardware are all hosted at a remote location and managed by a service provider.

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