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Globe Business looks at the bigger picture. We know success is made up of different elements: effective products, streamlined processes, and reliable manpower. We take this precept to heart, and that is why our business solutions are a fusion of all three. As our business partner, you get the best of all these.

Managed Payroll

Managed Payroll

Get a wide range of reports without the inconvenience. Delegate your payroll processing, timekeeping, and HR management with the right enterprise solution.

Leave your Human Resources (HR) department free to create more plans to empower your employees and grow your business. Outsource your company’s payroll processing to a team of experienced experts.

Managed Payroll

With Globe Business’ Managed Payroll, your HR department will need not worry about time-consuming matters. You can even adopt add-on services like timekeeping solutions and HR management while you are at it.


Delegate in-house payroll processing

Offload tedious tasks to a team that you can trust. Allow your HR staff to focus on strategic activities that will boost business.


Sit back, relax, and watch your business grow

Let us take care of the rest. You do not have to purchase any software or deploy additional IT resources.


Partner only with the best

Enjoy high-quality service with our partnership with Automatic Data Processing (ADP), the global leader in payroll and HR solutions.

Enjoy a comprehensive coverage of payroll services with the following:

  • Uploading templates into database
  • Administration of two (2) parallel runs of Regular Payroll Processing:
    • Receipt and uploading of payroll instructions into the payroll system
    • Payroll processing based on timekeeping data and payroll instructions from customer (including allowances, deductions, and others)
    • Preparation, generation, review, and submission of necessary payroll reports
  • Computation of final pay
  • Journal voucher report
  • Preparation, generation, review, and submission of necessary statutory reports

Create a holistic solution with the following add-ons:


Managed HR

Outsource time and attendance as well as Basic Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

Time and Attendance

  • Set-up of timekeeping database structure such as:
    • Shift details
    • Work schedule
    • Overtime policy
    • Leave policy
    • Forms
  • Processing of summarized attendance
  • Processing of timekeeping data pulled from client biometric device
  • Online access to and availability of standard timekeeping forms with one level of approval such as:
    • Overtime
    • Leave application
    • Official business trip
    • Failure to time in/out
  • Optional Add-ons (fees apply)
    • Biometric Device Deployment
    • Other Customized Reports;


Basic HRIS

  • 201 records maintenance
  • Basic HR Reporting

Get a wide range of reports that suit all your business needs.

Standard Reports

  • Preliminary Reports

    • Earnings Report
    • Deduction Report
    • Overtime Summary
    • Payroll Run Detail
    • Proof-list Report Summary
  • Payroll Registers

    • Earnings Report
    • Deduction Report
    • Overtime Report
    • Standard Payroll Transaction Register
  • Year-end Reports

    • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
    • Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld
    • Alphalistings
    • Alphalist Without Previous Employer
    • Alphalist With Previous Employer
    • Alphalist of Employees Terminated within the Year
    • BIR Files


Statutory Reports

  • Social Security System (SSS)

    • SSS Monthly Premium Contribution
    • Certificate of SSS Loan Amortization
    • SSS LMS/ Detailed Listing of Employee Loans
    • Contribution Collection List (R-3)
    • Contribution Payment Return (R-5)
    • Collection List (ML-2)
    • SSS Files
  • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth/PHIC)

    • PHIC RF-1/ Employer's Monthly Remittance Report
    • PhilHealth Monthly Premium Contribution
    • Certificate of PhilHealth Contribution
    • PhilHealth Monthly Text file
  • Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)

    • Certificate of Pag-ibig
    • Membership Contributions Remittance Form (FPF060)
    • Monthly Remittance Schedule (P2-4 )
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue

    • Employee Monthly Tax Contribution
    • Certificate of Compensation Payment/ Tax Withheld (Form 2316)
  • Alpha Listings

    • Alphalist without Previous Employer
    • Alphalist with Previous Employer
    • Alphalist of Minimum Wage Earners
    • Alphalist of Employees Terminated within the Year
    • BIR Files

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